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Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Emergency Ward Glass & Copper Waterfall Prosperity Fountain Frozen Cedar Boughs
NRGH Emergency Ward
Glass & Copper Waterwall
Prosperity Fountain
Frozen Cedar Boughs
Private Island Retreat Thetis Island Mosiac Fraser Point Tryptych Heron Doorlight
Private Island Retreat
Thetis Island Mosaic
Fraser Point Tryptych
Heron Doorlight
The Chase Intuitive Talisman Fransen Cabinets Doves
The Chase
Intuitive Talisman
Not Quite "Wright"
Journey to the Sun Ocean of Life Mercier Living Room Window Generation to Generation
Journey to the Sun
Ocean of Life
Mercier Window
Generation to Generation
Shop doors      
Kiln Carved Doors

Glass artist Carol Swann specializes in custom glasswork such as full door lights, windows, room dividers, cabinets, counters and sinks, lighting fixtures, mosaic and more. You imagine it...we create it!

Do you have a problem area in your home requiring privacy, or an awkward area you don’t know what to do with?   Are you tired of keeping the contents of your glass fronted cabinets or library shelves tidy?  Do you have a wall that needs brightening with art?

Does your office or home create the impression you want? Does it convey the right mood or image to all five senses? Is it a comfortable, productive place to work or play?

Glass can be used in all the above ways (and more) to enhance and beautify your living and working space. 

Carol's unique style of glasswork blends her love of the ocean, colour and movement to create a unique design in stained, leaded or fused glass...something that will beautify your space and feed your soul.

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Synergy Glass and Creative offers you a choice. Founded on the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, our work is finely tuned to bring you a little of the natural world along with symbolic reminders of the larger things in life. With over 25 years of working in glass crafts, our work ranks amongst the best.

Colour plays an integral role in all we do at Synergy Glass and Creative. We combine research into colour energies, textures and symbolism from many cultures with the essence of nature to prepare a feast of colour for your soul.

Art Glass

  • custom designs created with you or for you.
  • colour and texture combinations carefully selected to reflect colour energies.
  • superior construction with top quality materials.
  • personal talismans created to provide inspiration.


  • increase your understanding of the creative process and how it can be applied to art, work, and relationships.
  • explore nature as a source of creativity.
  • discover intuitive insights and use them to power your personal creativity at work and at home.

Intentional Design

Does your office or home create the first impression you want? Does it convey the right mood or image to all five senses? Is it a comfortable, productive place to work or play?

Working with your designer (or as your designer) we will:

  • create intentional spaces to enrich your corporate or personal identity, making sure each element of your design conveys a total image.
  • identify and mold non-verbal images your space may be conveying.
  • produce a total environment conducive to the space's activity ... a productive workplace; a space for play; or a retreat for meditation.

About the artisan ...

Carol Swann is an accomplished designer, glass artist and facilitator. Her work is influenced by her background as a biologist and her life-long love of coastal British Columbia. Pieces are held internationally in private collections and are available at juried shows and festivals or by custom order.

Working in glass for 25 years, Carol has developed her unique style, combining purposeful use of colour and texture with appropriate symbolism to convey subtle and meaningful imagery. She offers a rare approach to design of public and private spaces as she applies natural principles to harmonize design features. As well as producing art glass for discerning clients, Carol is sought after as a creator of inspirational personal talismans reflecting the client's personality and goals through the power of colour energies and symbolism.

Carol has a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioural Sciences. She links her expertise in human behaviour with the creative process by helping others discover and explore their creative abilities in a relaxed workshop environment.

  • custom created art glass and personal talismans
  • creativity and colour workshops
  • intentionally designed spaces

Synergy Glass and Creative

Award of Excellence winner, 1997 PRAC Pacific Regional Juried Art Show

Thetis Island, B.C.
Phone: 250.246.3699

Open by appointment

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